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We are working to redraw North Port boundaries to exclude West Villages because:
• North Port politicians are driving the city toward a financial disaster and threatening to take everyone in West Villages with them.
• West Villages really isn’t part of the North Port community. We were illegally annexed so the developers could build thousands of homes and the city could tap our community as their new revenue source.
• Getting West Villages out of North Port city limits and into the unincorporated county will likely save every homeowner $7,500 to $15,000 or more in property taxes over the next decade with no reduction in municipal services.

We believe that responsible government works diligently to understand what is right or wrong, essential or wasteful, and can be trusted to exercise good judgment to do what is right and best for the long-term interests of the people instead of doing what is easiest, most popular or most ostentatious.  And we believe that the residents of our community should be permitted to decide which local government (city or county) is likely to best serve their long-term interests.

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